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It should come to no surprise there are nearly 1 million active escorts listed on different escort sites in the USA. Escorts in the states have a very wide range of prices. Firstly it goes by time, you can rent the escort anywhere from 15 minutes up until the entire weekend. Or longer if you're rich as hell. On the higher end, you can bang straight up porn stars featured on like bang bros or Reality Kings for upwards of per hour. The great part about the US is diversity. In any big city, you can find any nationality imaginable. Asians are nicely spread out in every city along with Latinas, blacks, East Indians and white chicks, You name it.

Whatever you're in the mood for your taken care of. Now depending on your budget, you'll find the cheapest ones on the street. They are most likely high on drugs and will rob you if they get a chance, so just keep your guard up and don't let these ones in your house or hotel. Then you have the independent escorts our favorite. Typically just a quick hand job.

They usually don't sleep with you in those places, but it could be done depending on how risky that parlor is. Finally, you can get a chick from an agency. This is definitely your safest bet but those rates start around USD per hour and just go up. Keep in mind prostitution is illegal in the states however escorting is not. Escorts are female companions. You just pay them for their time and companionship. Then it is what it is, It's no different than hollering at a sexy cashier you just bought apples from and going back to her place to bang her. They spy on the street hookers from afar and when a john picks them up they get swarmed by the cops.

There have been times that the cops also post fake online and they say criminal things like they will have sex with you for money ETC. Don't fall for that shit and agree with them. Remember you're just paying for their companionship. The rub and rugs are kinda safe because they usually don't even talk English, which in that case the conversation is minimal.

So things just happen and they love you long time. The escort agencies are also safe because they will just hang up on you if you say stupid or illegal things on the phone. It's just one of those things that you should know what to expect when you hire an escort.

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