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To access a specific log, please click on the month you wish to search from the list below:. Contact dispatch at to report any criminal activity. Welcome to the Police Logs!

Police Logs by Month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, January January 1 A store employee reported a man left the location with an armful of merchandise he failed to pay for. Police located the man nearby who admitted to stealing the items.


Police also found him noticeably high on methamphetamine, which was a violation of his probation. He was arrested. A patrol officer spotted a man whom police had been searching for driving along Pacific Avenue. The vehicle was stopped and driver was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Cocaine and a scale were also located in the vehicle. Police were called to a location from which a physical altercation, possibly with a weapon, was reportedly in progress. On arrival, officers located a man bleeding from the head who stated he had been hit with a hammer by the other party, with whom he had a no-contact order.

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The assailant had left prior to police; officers were unable to locate her in the area but continue to investigate. They were taken into protective custody, transported home, and released to the not particularly happy grandfather.

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A caller reported an unknown person was pounding on their front door in the middle of the night, yelling that they were having an emergency. Police contacted the man in the street who advised he was high on mushrooms and methamphetamine, and thought he was having a heart attack. He was transported to the hospital.

No crime.

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A second hand store reported they caught a woman shoplifting at the location who now appeared to be having a medical emergency. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation and issued a citation for theft. Officers were called to check on a man who was yelling and appeared in distress outside a local store.

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On arrival, the man advised that he was transient and was upset about his circumstances. Officers coordinated with a homeless outreach liaison to assist in providing the man with resources.

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January 3 A caller requested police check on her adult son, with whom police have had contact with, who was staying at her house. Police found the son very much under the influence of several different substances, which was a violation of his probation. A caller reported finding a sharpened stick pushed through their fence and was concerned it could be connected to a transient camp nearby. A caller reported another vehicle hit theirs at a low speed and then drove away.

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January 4 A caller reported he was threatened by another person at a local laundromat. Officers sorted out that it was a miscommunication over a bag of laundry.

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A caller reported a family member at their residence was acting erratically, out of control, and was destroying property. Police arrived and found the man was under the influence of multiple substances, had broken several dishes and cut himself on the broken glass.

He was transported to the hospital on a peace officer hold and cited for harassment. A caller reported someone claiming to be from an alarm system company came to her house to inquire about her home security system, and reportedly became irate when she refused to provide information.


Police located the alleged salesman nearby and learned he was, in fact, a legitimate representative of a security company. January 5 A caller reported they witnessed a man rummaging through a pile of leaves, pull out a gun, and left the area on a bicycle. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description in the area.

A local hotel reported a man was hanging around the location being confrontational with staff and refusing to leave. Police arrived and located two men who agreed to leave without incident.

They were trespassed from the location. A woman called police late at night to report that her clothes had been locked inside a laundry facility. When officers advised she needed to wait until morning, she stated she would break down the doors herself.

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She was strongly encouraged against doing so. A caller reported a possible domestic altercation after hearing yelling from a neighboring apartment. Officers located a very angry mother yelling at her son on of smelling marijuana in the house. They agreed to quiet down. Officers explained to the pair that the device could much more be easily removed by paying their fines.

A caller reported two suspicious looking individuals were digging through a backpack along Main Street. Officers contacted the subjects who were drawing. Police found no evidence of criminal or suspicious activity. A caller reported their pickup had been struck in a hit and run.

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After a brief investigation, officers found that the driver of the suspect vehicle had in fact stopped and left a note with their contact information on the vehicle. Officers assisted in the exchange of information.

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January 7 A caller reported their large motorhome had been stolen from their driveway. Police are investigating. Police received two separate calls reporting a woman without any pants on was making a mess on the bus. While en-route, officers received another call reporting a woman acting strangely near a bus stop.

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On contact, the woman, clad in her swimsuit bottoms, explained that she was exercising. She initially moved along, but was later transported to the hospital due to complaints of pain when officers were called to check on her near the post office.

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A caller reported their bicycle had been stolen from their apartment complex garage. Officers are investigating. A caller reported a vehicle was driving along 19th Avenue with a human foot hanging out of the trunk. Officers confirmed the foot was fake.

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January 8 Police received reports from multiple callers stating a man was stumbling about a store parking lot and appeared to have trouble standing on his own. Officers located the man sitting in his parked vehicle experiencing symptoms of both intoxication and a diabetic emergency.

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He was determined to be unable to care for himself and was taken to the hospital on a peace officer hold. A caller reported their vehicle had been struck by a van that immediately fled the scene of the crash.

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Officers located the suspect vehicle at a local convenience store occupied by a man who did not have insurance nor a. He was issued several citations for miscellaneous violations as well as hit and run.

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The man was gone upon police arrival and officers were unable to locate anyone matching his description in the area, but advised the caller to contact police again should he return. January 9 Police received reports of multiple vehicles being egged overnight. The caller and neighbor followed the man to nearby railroad tracks where officers soon arrived. The suspect was found soaking wet with torn clothing, explaining to police he had been running from people all night and now believed he was in Portland.

As he was believed to be experiencing symptoms of mental illness and distress, he was taken to the hospital on a peace officer hold for evaluation. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence late at night.

On contact, one party was found to have injuries consistent with an assault who told police the other party had fled the location. A short investigation revealed, however, that the suspect, who had outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants, was there the whole time; after resisting briefly, he was taken into custody and lodged at the jail.

Welcome to the Police Logs!

Police responded to an assisted living community where a vehicle had crashed into a tree. Officers found the driver was under the influence, had been traveling at a very high rate of speed, and lost control of the car when he miscalculated a turn into the parking lot.

He was transported to the hospital for injuries and, upon discharge, will receive multiple citations. January 10 A caller reported suspicious persons had climbed over the fence at the high school football field. On contact, police found a district employee and two others who were attempting to retrieve some feral felines. ZIP: 28031

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